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English-subtitled Programmes

English-subtitled Programmes

TV5MONDE now has English subtitles! La télé in French for tout le monde

As of 2012 TV5MONDE Europe now offers the following programmes all with English subtitling: Films, drama, documentaries, and all entertainment shows and magazines; the best of our programming now available for all to enjoy. 


French language cinema and drama at its best

Every day films and drama series subtitled in English can now be enjoyed with English subtitles. From prime time award-winners to cult classics, from modern dramas to epic sagas there is something for everyone to enjoy.  We regularly feature retrospectives and homage’s to famed directors, actors and more. 


A francophone outlook on the world

TV5MONDE and our partner channels offer a wide variety of cultural affairs and society subtitled in English every day from 4pm  


A word of expression, cultural fusion and diversity

On Saturdays at 8pm, TV5MONDE offers you a doorway into a world of entertainment and discovery into the Francophone world. 

TV5MONDE is one of the largest television networks in the world

• It has 9 different channel feeds for different territories of the world (8 are broadcast from Paris and cover all continents and the 9th - TV5 Québec is broadcast from Montreal).
• It’s the only general-entertainment channel in French available worldwide 
• It’s available in 235 million homes and in over  200 countries and territories .
• It is partners with ten Francophone partner channels (France 2, France3, France4, France O’, ARTE France, RTBF (la Radiotélévision Belge de la Communauté Française), TSR (la Télévision Suisse Romande),  Radio- Canada and Télé-Québec, RFO  (Réseau France Outremer) and CIRTEF (Conseil International des Radios-Télévisions d’Expression Française).
• It has programmes subtitled in thirteen languages (German, English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and French).
• It offers a link to global news which can be viewed online, via mobile devices and also in VOD.
• It has 8 million visits per months to the website www.tv5monde.com and to the mobile site  m.tv5monde.com
TV5MONDE, a language learning channel

TV5MONDE, a language learning channel

TV5MONDE has developed a wide range of free language learning tools and resources that use their programmes to learn. A vast range online learning tools and resources all free, can be viewed and downloaded from the website - www.tv5monde.com. Learning and Teaching with TV5MONDE is an innovative and interactive way of learning or teaching French.
There are equally a wide range of tools and resources aimed at teaching French and is aimed at teachers teaching French as a foreign language. Visit www.enseigner.tv to view all the resources for use in the classroom or at home and for students / language learners visit www.apprendre.tv.
Available for free online for students and teachers is a wide range of worksheets to be used in class, all available for varying levels of ability, as well as interactive exercises with corrections, along with videos and many more things to explore.
One online exercise is taken every 8 seconds, and worksheets  are being downloaded every 29 seconds. Today more than 58,000 teachers and language professionals subscribe to e-learning emails.


TV5MONDE is available via Sky 799 and Virgin 825

/ English-subtitled Programmes
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