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Teach & Learn French

Teach & Learn French

Get TV5MONDE for free in your school!

Take advantage of TV5MONDE's school grant program and receive a free installation as well as a one year free susbcription for your school! 

Join the team of over 55,000 other teachers who are already making use of this enriching tool in their classrooms!  Read on to find out how to apply for this wonderful opportunity to add a whole new dimension to your teaching curriculum.

The specifics of TV5MONDE's school grant program are as follows: If your school is selected for one of our educational grants, TV5MONDE will contract an installer to do the basic installation required to receive TV5MONDE. All costs associated with this installation (labor and equipment) will be paid by TV5MONDE. The equipment is thereafter the property of the school since the account will be established under the name of the school. The cost to receive TV5MONDE in your school is $100.00 per year which will be reflected in the annual bill sent to your school by the provider. TV5MONDE will cover this cost for the first year of programming.

Please click on the link below to find the application for our school grant. Instructions are stated on the application.

Why learn French with TV5MONDE?

> Did you know that TV5MONDE offers one year grants to qualifying schools in the USA that allows you to have TV5MONDE in your classroom free?

E-mail us at for more information on how to apply!

TV5MONDE broadcasts 24/7 programs from various French-speaking television signals, in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Africa.

> You are learning French: entertain yourself, follow the latest news and practice your language skills with a practical use of day-to-day French.

> You are teaching French: our extensive program database contains a goldmine of genuine broadcast documents designed to introduce your class to innovative learning methods and cultural diversity.

TV5MONDE is proud to have partnered since 1995 with hundreds of teachers and learners around the world to develop our own French method, "Apprendre & Enseigner avec TV5MONDE".

Learn French with TV5MONDE

On, you will find a full database of videos and related interactive exercises to help you:

•    watch, listen and understand extracts of TV programmes;
•    enrich your vocabulary;
•    test your grammar skills.

You will find exercises covering numerous topics including news, arts, food, fashion, travel etc.

The database is updated and new contents are uploaded every week.

> Try our exercises now

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Teach French with TV5MONDE

Enseigner.TV  is an interactive platform dedicated to French teachers offering a comprehensive range of tools, services and pedagogic resources developed by TV5MONDE with the help of several professional organizations specializing in the teaching of foreign languages through innovative methods.

•    In-class activities based on TV5MONDE's renowned news magazine « 7 jours sur la planète » (7 Days on the Planet), with weekly updates from Sept. to June.

•    Educational index cards to work on music videos subtitled in French, along with pertinent background information such as lyrics scripts, artists' biographies etc., all updated weekly.

•    Over 40 generic updated index cards about our broadcast programs to provide teachers with suggestions on how to use the content in class.

•    Over 100 index cards suggesting in-class activities based on our web resources on, such as streaming videos, texts, picture gallery etc.

•    Every month, one highlighted program on-air is developed into an online pedagogic kit.

•    A dedicated website,, containing hundreds of interactive exercises enabling learners to improve their listening skills, oral understanding, grammar knowledge and vocabulary based on genuine broadcast documents.

> Discover our full range of resources to learn French in class.

> Did you know that TV5MONDE offers one year grants to qualifying schools in the USA that allows you to have TV5MONDE for free in your classroom?

E-mail us at for more information on how to apply!

Training sessions to « Apprendre & Enseigner avec TV5MONDE »

Training sessions can be set up locally anywhere in the world.

Trainees may also join regular sessions given by our pedagogic partners in France and Belgium.

Target groups:
- teachers;
- trainers;
- Heads of French departments in Universities.

- discover our programs;
- identify and localize our resources on;
- develop pedagogic methods based on TV5MONDE programs.

- customized for diversified target audiences;
- elaborated upon teachers' FAQs:
. on what grounds should I select a given TV extract?
. how to integrate resources on TV5MONDE into my standard in-class methods?
. how to link video documents to other related class material?
. how to help beginner-level students work with video material?
. how to adjust in-class activities to the level of the students?

For further details, feel free to reach:

> See the schedule of upcoming training sessions
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