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Paris, Brussels, Montreal, but also New Orleans, Papeete, Mumbai and Kinshasa... for 25 hours, TV5MONDE takes us on a live "Tour of the world of La Francophonie" to discover the diversity and values of French-speaking cultures worldwide.

  • On replay until : 52'
  • Episode Number : 24
  • Season Number : 25

Beirut (Lebanon)


Beirut (Lebanon)
Beirut (Lebanon)

In Lebanon, Beirut is a city in which art and culture stand in opposition to war and obscurantism. Avant-garde, resilient, multilingual and multi-confessional, this city stands as a beacon for Francophone culture and language, in an Arabic and English-speaking region torn apart by conflict.

Guests: Matteo El Khodr, countertenor; Ziyad Makhoul, chief editor of "L´Orient-Le Jour"; Sabine Choucair, artist; Rima Tarabay, president of the NGO Ecotown; Sae Lis´, singer; Raya Farhat, artist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci, Esperance Ghanem.
A programme produced in partnership with TV5MONDE Middle East & North Africa and OTV.