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What's on TiVi5MONDE?

What's on TiVi5MONDE?

The first 24/7 French-Language Kids Channel in the United States!


TiVi5MONDE is America’s first and only 24 hour French-language children’s network! Watch your favorite heroes on TiVi5MONDE as they take on the adventures of the world.


Running time: 200x1’30

Directed by: Jacques Azam (France, 2016)

What rights do children have? How does an avalanche start? How can we travel without causing pollution? Always topical, each episode helps us better understand the way society works.


Running time: 40x3’

Directed by: Alexis Millau (France, 2016)

Boubi and his friends love nursery rhymes! During each episode, a little monkey takes a nursery rhyme in its' classic form and transforms it into his own. Boubi and his friends sing along inspired by everyday life!


Running time: 20x3’

Directed by: Audrey Mikaélian, Nicolas Vitte, 2013
Countries: France

In a far-off corner of the galaxy live small aliens known as Sépas. Friendly and enthusiastic, they inhabit a planet where things just aren’t right… With their thirst for knowledge and discoveries, they visit our planet to learn how earthlings see the world.


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Denis Olivieri (France, 1993)
At Baby City, babies have fun before the storks come to take them to their families. Between the evenings at the Milk Bar, visits to the toy and sweet shops and investigations to foil the Ragamuffins' plots, the babies' daily lives are never dull!


Running time: 26’

Directed by: Tahirou Tasséré Ouédraogo 
Country: Burkina Faso, 2014 

Bambino, a 13 year-old orphan who spends his time between school and his grandmother’s. She is tired. He tries to help her with the housework. In class, he is one of the best pupils. The other boys are jealous of him. The girls, however, hold him in very high esteem.


Running time: 52X5’

Directed by: Hoël Caouissin (France, 1995)

A house move, the dark, or the new school term... Plenty of things scare us in daily life! All it takes is a story to make them less frightening, enabling us to appreciate them thanks to fantastic and poetic worlds.


Running time: 13x8’

Directed by: Franck Bourgeron, Moran Caouissin, 2001-2004
Written by: Laudec and Cauvin
Country: France

Cedric, 8 year-old boy whose parents don't seem to understand how difficult life can be, with his school friends and his love for Chen, his girlfriend (well, almost). How hard it is to be a small boy... Fortunately Pépé, his strongest ally, is there.


Running time: 65x1’

Directed by: Michel Lieure (France/Canada, 1995)
Each episode, the little ladybird visits a major monument somewhere in the world or discovers a different famous painting. But watch out though, because it always likes to add its own personal, humorous, offbeat touch!


Running time: 9x28'

Directed by: Vincent Delecloz, 2012
Country: Belgium
Ghana, Peru, India… A group of 12 year-olds set off on a voyage of discovery to all four corners of the globe. This is an opportunity for them to discover new cultures and new ways of life in these developing countries.


Running time: 26x5’

Directed by: Kan Souffle, 2016
Country: Ivory Coast 

Long ago, out on the African savanna, the animals could talk. Many adventures rich in invaluable lessons took place there, involving the lion, the hyena, the hippopotamus and the spider.


Running time: 26x26’

Directed by: Stéphane Pierra (France, 2000)

An Indian tribe’s camp along with its inhabitants lands on the roof of a skyscraper! Two children do everything possible to repair this glitch in space-time, while hiding it from their father to avoid scaring him.


Running time: 100x2'15

Directed by: Jean-François Poisson (Canada, 2013)
Presentend by: Tristan Demers

With his a talent and imagination, Tristan introduces children to drawing and helps them create masterpieces that come to life before their eyes in under two minutes !


Running time: 52x3’

Directed by: Isabelle Duval, 2005
Country: France

Reinette is a mischievous little frog and she likes nothing better than riddles! In each episode, in her own unique way she describes an animal, which gradually takes shape from modeling clay. It's not always easy to work out, but you just need to listen carefully to the clues!


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Joël Caoussin, 2005
Country: France

Dr Dog is a very unusual doctor: he's a dog! He loves his job and is ready to do anything to help his patients, even if he finds himself in difficult situations... Luckily, he's also a very talented inventor!


Running time: 65x7

Directed by: Stéphane Bernasconi, 2001
Country: France

Just like humans, these little critters live in a well organized society. They each have their own house, job, friends and hobbies. And just like us, they also learn to grow up together and organise, to make their life together as happy as possible.


Running time: 52x11’

Based on characters from the book by Fanny Joly, Laurent Audouin.
Directed by: Florent Heitz (France, 2016)

Ten-year-old Mirette is a girl detective with a passion for disappearances, arrests and car chases. Helped by her lazy and ever-hungry red cat Jean-Pat, Mirette travels around the world’s cities in search of mysteries to solve!


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Jacopo Armani (France, 2015)
Zoli has received a talking dog for his birthday! However, he quickly realizes that his father is actually trapped in the animal's body. His task is a tough one:  Zoli must help his dad recover his human form while hiding the truth from the rest of the family.


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Emmanuel Gorin, Prakash Topsy (France, 2002)
13-year-old Vincent is sucked up into a magazine and becomes a flat, printed character! How can he get back to the real world? Helped by Kyu, a little paper girl, he sets off in quest of the third dimension. 


Running time: 4x4’

Directed by: Danielle Sturk (Canada, 2015)

The Cooper family goes on holidays. Several hours into their road trip, the children discover a strange creature living in their tablet computer: a little electronic virus named A+. The children decide to make friends with him by teaching him how to communicate in French. Practice with them!


Running time: 39x7’

Directed by: Wolf Rudiger Bloss (France, 2001)

Fred, is a nice but clumsy caveman living in a world full of prehistoric monsters. Fortunately, his friends Emma and Max are there to help him.


Running time: 39x24'

Based on the books by Johanna Spyri
Directed by: Jérôme Mouscadet, 2014
Country: France/Australia

Heidi, an orphan, heads for the Swiss mountains to live with her grandfather, a taciturn, solitary man. However, she doesn't find this new life off-putting. Surrounded by her friends the animals, she discovers friendship and comradeship with Peter, a goatherd and Clara, a townswoman, in this wild, majestic environment.


Running time: 78x7’

Directed by: Hugo Gittard, 2013
Country: France
Hubert is a pig like no other: he’s obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness! He shares his life with Takako, a nutty fly determined to change Hubert’s ways. Though very different, the two friends embark on amazing adventures together.  


Running time: 26x26’

Directed by: Alain Barillé (France, 1994)

Let us start with the great Maestro in the footsteps of great geographical discoveries and those who braved all dangers, cleared the unknown and opened the world to humanity.


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Gilles Cazaux and Cédric Stéphan (France, 2013)

Jamie, the son of the king of the planet Blurb, finds refuge on Earth to escape from the wicked Blarbs, who are in his pursuit. He is taken in by the kind Walsh family. The little alien discovers the human world, but struggles to conceal his powers... 


Running time: 24x3'

Directed by: Vincent Mbindzou (Gabon, 2017) 

Animals can also be famous news presenters! Rémy, a small cartoon character, presents the TV news. He answers viewers’ questions in each episode, helping them learn all about animals, whether large or small. 


Running time: 24x3'

Directed by: Éric Cazes (Gabon, 2014) 

Kim, Kate and Kyle are K3, a famous pop group. They also share a taste for adventure. Whether they’re unmasking thieves or saving an orphanage from a property developer, anything is possible as long as they get to their concert on time!


Running time: 3x26'

Directed by: Thibaut Chatel (France, 1997)

The Kangoos are five kangaroos and basketball players who globetrot with Sammy their trainer and his daughter, the pretty Tiffanie. They play against teams from around the world and regularly get caught up in the most incredible adventures stirred up by their enemy Mister D.


Running time: 52X26'

Based on the original cartoons by Morris.
Directed by: Morris, Philippe Landrot, 1983-1991
Country: France  

A legendary cowboy in the far west, Lucky Luke can shoot faster than his shadow. With his trusty horse Jolly Jumper, this bighearted lawman helps those in need. The bandits had better watch out… Just ask the Dalton brothers! 


Running time: 78x12’

Directed by: Daniel Duda (France, 2012)
Based on the books by Waldemar Bonsels

Maya is a little bee with a difference: fond of adventures, she has left the hive to live freely in the meadow. Brave and above all curious, she explores nature to discover its secrets accompanied by her inseparable friends, Willy and Flip.


Running time: 50 x 6’

Directed by: Patrick Chiuzzi, Cécile Taillandier (France, 2009/2013/2016)

Why is the sea blue? How do we situate ourselves in time? Why do we eat? How do seeds grow? Featuring real-life situations and poetic drawings, each episode answers some of life’s little questions. 


Running time: 4x3’

Country: Belgium, 2016

Ghana, Peru, India... A group of 12 year-olds set off on a voyage of discovery to all four corners of the globe. This is an opportunity for them to discover new cultures and new ways of life in these developing countries.


Running time: 52x13’

Director: Christelle Naga (France, 2016)
A nanny with magical powers? A dream come true! The daily lives of Jules, Lola and Baby Joe are about to take a new turn. A 100 km/hr scooter, a dragon dressed as a lobster or a bath toy which becomes a sea monster… With Miss Moon anything’s possible!


Running time: 24x2’30

Directed by: Loïc Dauvillier, Jérôme d'Aviau, 2016
Country: France
Based on Loïc Dauvillier and Baptiste Amsallem

Mr. Rabbit has many ambitions but isn't quite sure how to fulfill them… And because everyone needs a little helper, Mr. Rabbit is forced to accept assistance from the ever-eager Little Rabbit, who is often overlooked by his older companion. 


Running time: 40x3’

Directed by: Jean-Philippe Pollien, 2014
Country: France

Léo has built a time-travelling vessel and takes his friends on journeys through the ages. Their goal is to discover history, not just the kind learned in books, but also by meeting children over the centuries.


Running time: 40x3’

Directed by: Jean-Rémi Chapotot, Antoine Rota, 2013
Country: France

In Smileyland, Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack-Quack and Mr Cat play a new game each day. They love coming up with unusual rules and asking questions about the world around them. You never know what's coming next!

OREILLE DES KIDS - (L') - Season 4

Running time: 34x13’

Presented by: Christian Baumann 

Which is bigger, the sun or the earth? What happens when you get a suntan? How do we measure the height of a mountain? What's DNA used for? In each episode, Christian examines a subject in depth to explain the world around us. 


Running time: 26x26’

Directed by: Arthur Qwak, 1994
Country: France, Italy
Based on Yann and Édith

London, 1887. Orson and Olivia, two orphaned 10-year-olds, live in a boat on the Thames with their dog Falstaff. Along with their friends, they have an eventful life. In the age of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper, London offers no end of adventures!


Running time: 26x12’

Directed by: Sébastien Gagné, 2016
Country: Canada
Presented by: David Leblanc, François Morin, Marie-Claude Blanchet, Jean-Marc Dalphond

Three young teachers are faced with pretty disgusting stuff each day: urine on the toilet floors, moldy food in the fridge and disgusting smells. Operation Yuk begins: the goal is to understand the phenomenon and discover how it can be useful. 


Running time: 52x11’

Directed by: Christian De Vita, 2015
Country: France

At the stroke of midnight, the Pyjamasques put on their superhero costumes to embark on amazing adventures. They each have their superpowers: Yoyo bounces like a rubber ball, Gluglu runs along walls without ever getting hurt and Bibou can fly!


Running time: 15x3’

The planet needs help to fight climate change, deforestation or sea pollution. In each episode, an original song portrays nature in danger, offering a fun way to learn, in tune with the angry trees or a chance to fall asleep to the animal lullaby. 


Running time: 75x1'30

France, 2006

With four legs, two ears, a vacant stare, a frantically wagging tail, the scenting skills of a door knob, a completely backwards logic and an unhealthy appetite for soap, it can be none other than the Mozart of mediocrity, the Shakespeare of sulking and the Beethoven of blunders himself… the dumbest but best-loved hound in the West: Rantanplan!


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: François Reczulski, 2002
Country: France/Canada

Rapido and Razmo, two intrepid and resourceful rats, watch over a priceless treasure: tons of cheese stored in the hold of an old cargo ship. Unfortunately, the crew can't wait to get rid of it because of the smell… 


Running time: 65x24’

Directed by: Alain Jacques, 2015
One stormy evening, some abandoned toys are miraculously transformed into people. These nine wacky characters then find themselves having to live together and sharing some completely crazy adventures in the process.


Running time: 26x2’

Directed by: Catherine Le Guen, Jean-Philippe Gredigui, 2008
Country: France

The Sansoucis love life! Always happy and mischievous, they’re experts when it comes to good living, healthy food and outdoor activities. In their community, there’s nothing better than feeling well in both body and mind.


Running time: 26x5’

Directed by: Catherine Le Guen, Jean-Philippe Gredigui, 2008
Country: France

The Sansoucis are full of mischief and good humour, and simply love life. In each episode, they use their abilities as poets and clowns to compose a song and warm everyone's hearts!


Running time: 52x11’

Directed by: Nob, Sébastien Tiquet (France, 2016) 
Based on the work by Nob

Today a friendly 80-year-old grandmother, Mamette was once a headstrong young girl. At the age of nine, she discovered country life with no Internet or mobile phone. A great opportunity for plenty of adventures with her friends, when not taking part in the harvest or rearing goats!


Running time: 13x28’

Directed by: Bahram Rohani, 2005
Country: France 

Titom, a small animal unique of his kind, lives peacefully on an island. One day, Barcarin, an evil rat trading in rare animals, imprisons him in his "Fantastic Menagerie”! This marks the start of an overseas adventure for Titom, determined to rescue his friends and regain his freedom.


Running time: 26X26’

Directed by: Xavier Giacometti, 2004
Country: France/Canada
Norton and Toupou are two very different kids: the first is the son of New York’s mayor while the second grew up with wild animals in Central Park. They meet by chance and become inseparable friends. An amazing friendship, which sees them embark on incredible adventures together!  


Running time: 52x2’30

Directed by: Sonia Grandame, Joachim Herisse (Canada, 2010) 

Each episode features a song about an animal. A great way to learn about lions or giraffes, to see lemurs at play or discover the particularities of penguins… all to music!


Running time: 78x12'

Directed by: Eric Cazes(France/Australia, 2013)

Vic isn't as big or strong as the other Vikings but he’s certainly the smartest! He travels aboard his father Halvar’s boat to discover the world and to face the sea and its dangers… in his own ingenious way!
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