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What's on TiVi5MONDE?

What's on TiVi5MONDE?

The first 24/7 French-Language Kids Channel in the United States!


TiVi5MONDE is America’s first and only 24 hour French-language children’s network! Watch your favorite heroes on TiVi5MONDE as they take on the adventures of the world.


100% Animal

Running time: 65x25'

Directed by: Yannick Savard (Canada, 2014)

From the aquarium to the zoo, plus farms and animal centres, reporters Mathieu Pichette and Silvi Tourigny delve into the animal kingdom. They present the details of their day-to-day experiences with humour and also seek out experts to go into different issues in depth.

1,2,3... GEANT - SEASON 3

Running time: 65x25'

Directed by: France Bertrand, Pascale Cusson, Johane Loranger, Pierre Lord (Canada, 2012)
Cast: Guillaume Cyr (Jean-Jean), Mirianne Brûlé (Rose), Julien Bernier Pelletier (Olivo), Martin Héroux (Ding Dong) Marylin Castonguay (Mouline), Karine Lagueux (Mosa), Sébastien René (Blou)

In the land above the clouds, there lives the Giant family. Rose and Olivo, the Giant children, are full of mischief. They like spying on the Soussis: Tache-Tache, Barbichette, Nez bleu and Tissou, unruly and uncouth beasties that live underground.


Running time: 40x4’

Directed by: Jean-Luc François, 2003
Country: France

On board his amazing spacecraft, Adi, the extraterrestrial who is loved by children, and Woops, his faithful companion, set off to discover the wonders of intergalactic space. With his eyes glued to the eyepiece of his gigantic telescope or his computer screen, Adi explores planets, stars, galaxies, asteroids, black holes and other features of our universe. For Woops, space is a constant puzzle, for Adi, everything is clear and so every new discovery results in an enthusiastic dialogue.


Running time: 40x4’

Directed by: Eric Bastier
Country: France 

Adi, a young extra-terrestrial, has come to Earth on his spaceship to study its inhabitants.
Independent and wise, he manages to pilot the ship and still find time to answer the constant questions of his friend Woops, such as: Why do tigers have stripes? Why do elephants have such big ears? Do hyenas really laugh? 


Running time: 40x4’

Directed by: Eric Bastier (France, 2004)

On board his incredible submarine, Adi, the friendly extraterrestrial, and Woops his faithful companion, set off to discover the wonders of the undersea world. Staring through the portholes, Adi watches the dolphins, sharks, whales, fish, starfish, seaweed and coral. Woops finds the sea a permanent mystery and asks the same naïve and even wacky questions that a child would.


Running time: 35x1’50

Directed by: Gilles Deyriès (France, 2000)
A mad scientist creates his monster and called Alfred. While the scientist insists on giving him an education, Alfred does as its head, enough to cause its designer incredible situations in more one than the other.


Running time: 4x3'

Directed by: Nicolas Guilloteau, 2013
Based on an original idea by Brigitte and Yves Lecordier
Country: France

The actress and dubbing specialist, Brigitte Lecordier, passes herself off as Ninou, a child who telephones different people at random. A night-watchman, a computer technician, a garage mechanic, the sewer department... They all reply to Ninou with kindness and patience, little realising that it's all a hoax!


Running time: 12x7’

Directed by: Prakash Topsy, 2008
Countries: France, Korea

Ava the giraffe, Riko the rabbit and Téo the bear are three characters from the imaginations of two children who play at creating worlds for them from cut-outs, torn paper and a mix of different materials and textures in 2D animation... Ava, Riko and Téo are inseparable and ready for anything!


Running time: 7x26'

Directed by: Kisler (France, 2002)

Commander Cousteau makes the most of the thaw to record the songs of the narwhals in the icy waters. At that moment an arctic storm takes the Calypso by surprise: if the ice reforms then the ship's hull will be crushed like an egg shell...


Running time: 32x1'5

Directed by: Bakers (France, 2014)

The intrepid journalist, Théo, goes out to meet young athletes to get an introduction to their disciplines. Each sport has its own unique rules, equipment and history.


Running time: 26x26’

Directed by: Serge Élissalde (France, 2013), based on the original characters by Mathis.

Mischievous and naughty, Boris the bear makes life hard for those around him. As soon as the little rascal points his snout, he sends everyone fleeing. Impulsive and boisterous, Boris is one crazy little fella!


Running time: 52x7’

Created by: Franck Demollière (France, 2009)

Murphy is an alien hunter. He's trying to capture Puck, a unique specimen. But Murphy's rival, Blat Jack, is also after the same prize, pushing the two arch-nemeses to wage an endless war against each other.


Running time: 52x11’

Directed by: William Renaud (Season 1, France, 2014), taken from the original characters by Nino and Toni Pagot
Once frail and whiny, Calimero is now no longer afraid to take his future into his own hands. Aggressive, brave and donning his cracked half eggshell on his head, the little black chick can always count on Valeriano, Priscilla and Pierrot, his loyal friends.


Running time: 13x8’

Directed by: Franck Bourgeron, Moran Caouissin, 2001-2004
Written by: Laudec and Cauvin
Country: France

Cedric, 8 year-old boy whose parents don't seem to understand how difficult life can be, with his school friends and his love for Chen, his girlfriend (well, almost). How hard it is to be a small boy... Fortunately Pépé, his strongest ally, is there.


Running time: 16x8’

Directed by: Marc Boréal, 2014, based on the work by Tébo.
Country: France 

César and Capucine don't like it when their parents tell them to tidy up their room, go to bed or stop jumping on the couch. They have a great solution: they can make bubbles that take them to a magic world where everything seems allowed...


Running time: 15x8’

Directed by: Niko Meulemans, 2011
Country: France

Four little chickens in a henhouse have to lay at least one egg per day... Otherwise, watch out! Their friend Zino the cockerel, encourages them with his rousing songs. But the chickens are often distracted; there are so many interesting things going on around the henhouse!


Running time: 52x3’30

Directed by: Cédric Babouche (France, 2011)

At the original Pepper School, Burt, the blue zebra, Boumba, the rhinoceros and Liolip, the dancing feline, teach children various sports, dances, songs and mimes. A whole host of activities that will make the little ones eager and happy.


Running time: 78x8’

Directed by: Philippe Riche, Pascal David (France, 2015), based on the original characters created by Zep; Stan and Vince

Twins Marvin and Adèle find a mobile phone that can teleport them through time. So, of course, the two inseparable rascals have every intention of making the most of their amazing lucky find! 


Running time: 9x28'

Directed by: Vincent Delecloz, 2012
Country: Belgium
Ghana, Peru, India… A group of 12 year-olds set off on a voyage of discovery to all four corners of the globe. This is an opportunity for them to discover new cultures and new ways of life in these developing countries.


Running time: 6x13’

Directed by: Pierre Volto, 2015
Country: France  

Copy Cut is a teen group of fancy dress enthusiasts. It has been selected for the biggest Cosplay competition in Tokyo. Get set for a long and crazy journey around the world with surprises aplenty as the group heads to Japan!


Running time: 13x6’

Directed by: Olivier Chasle (France, 2015)
As a curious and passionate trained biologist, Myriam Baran will lead us down some unusual paths as she studies the nature that surrounds us. By foot, horseback, boat, or each step, we'll follow the tracks of an animal to explore its territory and ecosystem.


Running time: 100x2'15

Directed by: Jean-François Poisson (Canada, 2013)
Presentend by: Tristan Demers

With his a talent and imagination, Tristan introduces children to drawing and helps them create masterpieces that come to life before their eyes in under two minutes !


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Gilles Cazaux (Season 1,France/UK,2007), inspired by the original characters created by Didier Julia and Aurore Damant.

Eliot, 7, is a little boy with a wild imagination. He sees the most ordinary situations as an incredible challenge to be faced. His two friends, Mimi and Kétou, are with him for all his adventures.


Running time: 52x26’

Directed by: Sandra Derval (France, 2012), from the original characters of Domitilla Pressensé.

Accompanied by his faithful hedgehog Arthur, the little Emilia lives enriching adventures, during which she learns to grow.


Running time: 1x26’

Directed by: Jean-Jacques Prune (France, 1998)
Disaster has struck. Eugenio, a famous circus clown, has lost his unique and irresistible laugh. Hush, the ventriloquist, Shush the dinosaur, Siamese twins Stuck-Mounted and their friends unite and pull out all the stops to make him laugh again.


Running time: 39x26’

Created by: Franck Michel (France / Italy, 2014), inspired by the original work by Stefano Benni. 

Five street football teams face each other every weekend for a tournament made up of different urban sports. The stakes are high, as the winning team will qualify for the world cup, every player’s dream.


Running time: 4x4’

Directed by: Danielle Sturk (Canada, 2015)

The Cooper family goes on holidays. Several hours into their road trip, the children discover a strange creature living in their tablet computer: a little electronic virus named A+. The children decide to make friends with him by teaching him how to communicate in French. Practice with them!


Running time: 2x13’

Directed by: Gilles Deyries (France, 2006)

Fan of skiing and extreme sports, Franky Snow is desperate for thrills. With his friends Zack and Ben, they try to meet all the challenges... 


Running time: 13X8’

Directed by: Luc Vinciguerra (France/Italy/Belgium/Portugal/Switzerland/Canada, 2008)

The evil Duke of Amaraxos has cast a spell over Princess Gwendoline to miniaturize her. Sir Roderick, William his squire, Férielle the witch and the wise Xiao Long set off in search of Gawayn's crystal, the only thing that can return their friend to her normal size and her throne...


Running time: 2x26’

Directed by: Paul Leduc (France, 2014)

Summer 1939. Colette, 6, and Ernest, 11, spend their holidays at their grand-parents' house in Normandy. There they discover the countryside and farm life. However, they quickly face the Nazi Occupation, with its requisitions, revocations, bombings and other tragedies brought by the Second World War.


Running time: 26x26’

Directed by: Albert Barillé

Maestro makes children aware of environmental problems and explains to them the major issues for the earth's future and that of humanity. 


Running time: 78x8’

Created by: Didier Loubat (France/Canada, 2002), inspired by the original work of Lewis Trondheim.

Kaput and Zösky are two horribly cruel aliens, who sow discord across the universe. They travel from planet to planet, destroying all forms of civilisation! But their foolishness and pride only cause them problems.


Running time: 3x26'

Directed by: Thibaut Chatel (France, 1997)

The Kangoos are five kangaroos and basketball players who globetrot with Sammy their trainer and his daughter, the pretty Tiffanie. They play against teams from around the world and regularly get caught up in the most incredible adventures stirred up by their enemy Mister D.


Running time: 2x13'

Directed by: Thibaut Chatel, Valérie Dabos (France, 2004)

On School Island, the Kangoo Juniors go wild. It is here on an island in front of Danger City and in Sierra Kangoo that our heroes' schooling and youth takes place, but unfortunately this is also where Didi, Marcos, Vipvip, Rox and Roby, their opponents live.


Running time: 13x8’

Directed by: Frédéric Dybowski, 2002
Based on the characters by Ann Rocard
Country: France

Kitou is one Lilaville's most horrendous monsters... And one of the most adorable! Little Lucie has taken him in and hidden him under her bed to avoid him frightening anyone. But Kitou wants to explore the town and sets off on an adventure with his new friends Lucie and Némo...


Running time: 1x24'

Directed by: Stefania Raimondi (France, 2014)

Lune, Dragon, Mei, Peach and Plug are in the chalet of their friend Cassiel, a video game creator. But their friend isn't there, imprisoned in his virtual world. The five friends must fight together to bring him back.


Running time: 52x11’

Directed by: David Michel, Jean-Luc Vandestoc (France/U.S., 2014).

Iris, Talia and Auriana are three young and talented musicians who make up the group Lolirock. Closely-knit and courageous, the three teenagers have promised to work together to save the planet Ephédia from the claws of the terrible Gramorr.


Running time: 22x1’

Directed by: Gilles Deyriès, Alexandre Martinelli (France, 2002)
To save the world, Max dons his superhero costume and races to assist those in greatest need, including a fly drowning in his hot chocolate and an apple that's fallen from a tree. Unfortunately, things don't always go his way...


Directed by: Bernard Deyriès, 1999
Country: France

Blessed with an extraordinary liveliness and strength of character, young Sophie sets off to discover and conquer the world around her. Overcoming countless trials and tribulations, over time this mischievous little girl finally comes into her own.


Running time: 13x52’

Produced by: Jacky Bretaudeau, 2000
Country: France

Martin Matin is little boy whose friends are Gromo and Roxane. Every morning, Martin goes to school with Gromo, where he is told that he is an average pupil. But then extraordinary things happen to him! As a matter of fact, when he wakes up, he turns into a fireman, an alien, Prince Charming… He is not at all prepared for his incredible destiny but even so he must accept it. With him, his friends are never bored.


Running time: 52x11’

Lord Ashida spreads chaos and transforms animals into evil samurais. Six ninja students fight against him using their martial arts skills and magical powers.


Running time: 26x1’

Directed by: Damien Trilles (Switzerland, 2015)

Clara, Loris, Musyne, Tess and Timo go off to stay at an animal refuge in the Swiss countryside. In each episode, the children learn about the work of the animal keepers as well as the animals' lives, including their favorite foods, preferences and unique personalities!


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Olivier Derynck (France/South Korea, 2013)

Eugène is a tech wizard. He successfully created a robot called Chip. He spends his days on wacky adventures with his friends Maïa, Joseph and Chip.


Running time: 52x3’

Created by: Natalys Raut-Sieuzac (France, 2009)

Monk is a mischievous little dog, although he can be very sensitive. The tiniest thing annoys him. His quick temper leads to a string of disasters!


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Gilles Deyriès (France, 2003), based on the original characters of Norman Bridwell
Brady and his chums are crazy about monsters. Together, they look for one they can adopt… 


Running time: 4x26'

Directed by: Olivier Jean-Marie, 2001
Awards: Best series of the year at the Pulcinella Awards
Country: France

Escorting a transfer of funds, protecting the Daltons and even an amateur actor, the cowboy Lucky Luke is a true Jack of all trades. With his legendary horse and friend Jolly Jumper, he upholds justice throughout the Far West, even in the face of the worst bandits!


Running time: 4x6’

Directed by: Alexis Lavillat (France, 2014)
Onn is a completely square dog who lives in his completely square house with his completely square family; Off is a completely round cat, who goes round and round in the garden, where everything is round. Living together is not very easy ...


Running time: 3x5’

Directed by: Allan Wullus (Belgium, 2014)

The whole year long, OUFTivi Reporters go from event to event to meet the people who make the news. Their reports and discoveries are all here.


Running time: 41x2'

Directed by: Didier Cappelmans & Malik André.
With the voices of Féodor Atkin (the grandfather) & Jacky Berger (the grandson).
Country: France, 2009

Intangible or living cultural heritage is defined by a UNESCO convention as the songs, dances, oral expressions, festivals, rituals and know-how that constitute the heritage of a group of people - a society.


Running time: 52x5'

Created by: Philip Glineur (France, 1998)

Twins Vic and Vivi discover the secrets of living in harmony with pets, thanks to veterinarian Jean-Mi.


Running time: 1x26’

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jacquet (France, 2001)
Santa is in love and almost forgets to go out. The animals are angry because they have no gifts, a fairy turns villains into Christmas trees and the reindeers are told some bedtime stories. Funny things happen at Christmas!


Running time: 10x1'

Directed by: Rénato (France, 2010)
Based on ''L'Appétit vient en mangeant'' by Muriel Bienenstock

Yes, it's possible to make fruits and vegetables fun in 60 seconds! "Petit Creux" encourages children to follow a balanced diet while making people, animals and objects out of their food.


Running time: 52x26’

Based on the original characters created by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Adaptation: Bertrand Gatignol
Directed by: Pierre Alain Chartier
Country:  France

The Little Prince is a small boy from another planet, asteroid B612. He has the power to talk to animals and to flowers. Accompanied by his tame fox, he visits planets where a snake is causing trouble.


Running time: 4x26’

Directed by: Bernard Deyriès, Grégory Panaccione, 1998
Counntry: France

From the sacred city of Memphis to the Saqqara pyramid, along the banks of the Nile, Egypt abounds in mystery... And adventure! Neteb and her officer friend Merempah have their work cut out thwarting the traps laid by the kingdom's enemies... 


Running time: 39x26’

Directed by: Claude Allix (France, 2003)

The prehistoric adventures of young boy Pitt, and Kantrop, his faithful pterodactyl. Pitt, aged 12, compensates for his sickliness with boundless creativity, trying his best to get the members of his tribe out of the Stone Age.


Running time: 12x52’

Directed by: Franck Chaudemanche, François Chayé, Pascal Léonard, 2001
Country: France

Each episode explores a different period in history! Travelling through time the presenters meet the famous people of the past to learn everything there is to know about the way of life of those living in past centuries. 


Running time: 52x4’

Directed by: Nicolas Haye & Jérôme Bétrancourt, 2011
Country: France

Six-year old Sally and her little brother Max, age 3, form the invincible team of "Zack's Quiz Game." Each day, a new team tries to topple them.


Running time: 100x26’

Directed by: France Bertrand, Pierre Lord, Stephan Joly (season 8, Canada, 2008)
Written by: Isabelle Langlois.
Cast: Hugo Dubé (Claude), Sophie Vajda (Victoria), Laurence Dauphinais (Magalie), Mariloup Wolfe (Mariane), Xavier Morin-Lefort (Simon), Mirianne Brûlé (Sélina), Maxime Desbiens-Tremblay (Manolo), Samuel Turmel (Nathan), Pierre Gendron (Denis)
Genre: Comedy

Revolving around the couple of Claude and Victoria are the eventful lives of the Espérance-Laporte-Carpentier stepfamily. With a tally of six children, there are laughs, conflict, adventures and surprises in store!


Running time: 52x11’

Directed by: Sandra Derval (France, 2013)

At just ten years of age, Robin Hood is a hero, though he still lacks the maturity to rein in his recklessness. With a lot of perseverance and humour, the young righter of wrongs and his loyal group of friends protest against all of young Prince John's new schemes.


Running time: 52x1’15

Created by: Julien Charles (France, 2009)

Rocket Jo has built a jetpack using junk components, and uses it to fly through the air. But his invention isn't quite perfect, and leads him through some crazy adventures!


Running time: 10x7’

Directed by: Jonathan Mesner (France, 2014)

Crouton, the Labuche family's dog, has dug up a magic lamp in the garden. Two genies, Abrac and Dabra, come out of the lamp. They were imprisoned for cheating in their exams. The Labuche family will now have to learn to live with two new guests!


Running time: 1x26’

Directed by: Thibault Chatel (France, 1996)

In the middle of the desert, the "SOS CROC!" service station hides the secret headquarters of the international secret organisation STAR (Secret TransActions Research). The special agents use neither guns nor knives; their favourite weapons are paralyzing rays, catapults and, above all, their boundless imagination.


Running time: 52x26'

Directed by: Stéphane Berry, 2008
Country: France

The SpieZ are three brothers and their sister, Lee, Marc, Tony and Megan Clark, who have been secretly chosen to become spies for the World Office for Top Secret Missions. At any moment, they can be sent to the ends of the world by Jerry, the organisation's boss, to hunt terrorists or mad scientists with the help of super high-tech gadgets. Between their daily lives as school pupils and their eventful missions, the young Clarks remain a close unit and try to keep all signs of their incredible double lives a secret.


Running time: 10x11’

Directed by: Cyril Adam, Arnaud Bouron, 2014
Country: France

Alex, Ruby, Gene and Twinkle, the four Playmobil heroes, travel in their magic ship on a planet divided between five island nations. Each island is a separate world in which our four adventurers face challenges and solve puzzles.


Running time: 52x7’

Director: Lionel Kerjean (France, 2013), based on the original work by Thierry Courtin.

T'Choupi, the little penguin, has certainly got bigger. Now he goes to school, where he learns to read, write and count. Between lessons, break and new friends, his days always have some nice surprises for him.


Running time: 120x26’

With Pier-Luc Funk (Samuel Langevin), Frédérique Dufort (Dalie Desmarais-Rondeau), Benjamin Chouinard (Théo St-Cyr), Shanelle Guérin (Béatrice Boutin), Alexandre Bacon (Mikaël Vesko), Sacha Charles (David Langevin), Frédéric Pierre (Reda Baptiste), Jean-Carl Boucher (Diego Molina)

The adventures of a group of teenagers, all members of a mixed football team and all seeing sport as a great opportunity to meet up with their friends. They have fun, overcome hurdles, experience hard knocks and discover the multiple dimensions and requirements of what is called, "sporting spirit".


Running time: 8x6’

Directed by: Marco Biggliazzi, Fabrizio Bondi (Italy, 2008) 

Taratabong is a fantastic place conducted by music alone. It is home to the Meloditties -funny little musical instrument characters that speak only in melody.


Running time: 52x26’

Directed by: Stéphane Berry (France, 2007)

Team galaxy tells the story of three teenagers, Josh, Koko, and Brett. These three friends have been accepted at Galaxy High, a school unique of its kind which trains its students to become "space investigators”. In their adventures the heroes of Team galaxy will have to juggle between their hilarious daily lives as teenagers and the space investigations that will pit them against ever more surprising extraterrestrial beings!


Running time: 1x52’

Directed by: Anthony Roux, Olivier Thulliez, Julien Bachelet, Azad Lusbaronian (France, 2011).

Otomaï messed up his last experiment... Which gave birth to Ogrest, a baby ogre. Pushed aside by the other children, he befriends Dathura, a doll that has magical powers like him. She becomes ill... and Ogrest decides to go and look for the antidote that will cure her.


Running time: 52x13’

Directed by: Lionel Allaix (France, 2014)

Washington the fox, Sam the wild boar and Eugénie the young wild boar are fed up with their forest life. The three friends dream of comfy beds, television and fridges full of food. Disguised as pets, they manage to get adopted by the Livingstone household.
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