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Maman Colonelle

Colonel Honorine is the head of a special unit of the Congolese police force dedicated to the protection of minors and stopping sexual abuse in the city of Kisangani.

Femi Kuti : live at the shrine

This documentary offers an in-depth portrait of Femi Kuti, a popular Afrobeat musician, as he performs at the legendary African Shrine, originally built by his father as a place for the people of Lagos, Nigeria to party and protest.

Galop Arrière (aka Zingaro revisited)

Looking back on 25 years with the Zingaro Theater, the equestrian artist Bartabas reflects on how he pioneered a new kind of entertainment that blended equestrian choreography and music.

Les habitants

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Raymond Depardon sets off on a three-month journey across France, stopping in small towns and inviting strangers on the street to tell their story.

Journal de France

Celebrated photographer and filmmaker, Raymond Depardon, and his partner and collaborator, Claudine Nougaret, spent six years creating a unique portrait of France by revisiting important places from Depardon's past.

Le Centaure et l'animal

Bartabas, an equestrian artist, and Ko Muobushi, one of Japan's most renowned choreographers, collaborate on an exciting artistic adventure that explores the boundaries between two exceptional universes.

Sur le chemin de l'école

Four children living in completely different parts of the world have one thing in common: they are all determined to receive an education. This proves difficult as they must travel long distances to reach their schools every day.

Les pépites

After encountering children scavenging for food at a dumpsite outside of Phnom-Penh, Cambodia, Christian and Marie-France fight to save the lives of 10,000 children over the span of 20 years.


Faced with the looming crisis of climate change, filmmakers Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent speak with innovators around the world who are finding concrete solutions for environmental and social challenges.

Et les mistrals gagnants

Filmed from a child's vantage point, viewers follow the lives of five children suffering from chronic illnesses who prove that their diseases do not prevent them from being happy.
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