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TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

My French Film Festival continues on TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand!

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand is proud to offer a selection of films from the 2018 My French Film Festival! This global, online film festival presents new French actors, directors and films from the past year. Tune in to TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand to enjoy this year's festival!

In February: TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand celebrates Valentine's Day and love in all its forms. Continue scrolling for more information on February's lineup of films.

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February 2018 Film Lineup

La femme d'à côté (TV-PG)

Directed by François Truffaut

Genre: Drama, 1981 - French
Bernard is happily married with a son, but when his ex, Mathilde, moves into the house across the street, the two resume their tumultuous affair, right where they left off. 

La gitane (TV-PG)

Directed by Philippe de Broca

Genre: Comedy, 1985 - French. 
Exhausted by the demands of his life, Hubert is only able to find joy in his car, but his life turns upside down when a beautiful thief steals it from right under his nose. 

Situation amoureuse : c'est compliqué (TV-PG)

Directed by Manu Payet

Genre: Comedy, 2013 - French, English subtitles. 
Ben is engaged to Juliette, but their impending marriage is threatened when his gorgeous and unrequited crush from high school bursts back into his life.

Vincent n'a pas d'écailles (TV-PG)

Directed by Thomas Salvador

Genre: Drama, 2013 - French, English subtitles. 
Vincent tries to live a normal life, despite his extraordinary superpower, but when he falls in love with Lucie, he decides to reveal his secret gift. 

L'effet aquatique (TV-PG)

Directed by Solveig Anspach

Genre: Drama, 2014 - French, English subtitles. 
Samir pretends to need swimming lessons in order to win over his crush, Agatha, a lifeguard at the local pool, but things don’t go according to plan. 

Comme un avion (TV-PG)

Directed by Bruno Podalydès

Genre: Comedy, 2015 - French, subtitled in English. 
Michel, a computer graphics artist tired of his urban lifestyle, needs a change so he impulsively purchases a kayak and sets off on a new adventure. 

Éperdument (TV-PG)

Directed by Pierre Godeau

Genre: Drama, 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
Based on a true scandal that rocked France, a married prison director falls in love with one of the female inmates. 

Elle l'adore (TV-PG)

Directed by Jeanne Herry

Genre: Comedy, 2013 - French, subtitled in English. 
Muriel always tells tall tales, so when her celebrity crush knocks on her door asking for help she ends up living a story that no one would believe.

Saint amour (TV-PG)

Directed by Gustave Kervern

Genre: Comedy, 2015 - French, subtitled in English. 
Chaos ensues when a father and son with a tenuous relationship travel to a farm festival via the Wine Trail in a Parisian taxi.

Et ta soeur (TV-PG)

Directed by Marion Vernoux

Genre: Comedy, 2016 - French, subtitled in English. 
Pierre accepts an invitation to his friend’s vacation home so he can grieve in peace, only to find his friend’s recently single sister already there.
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