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TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

Celebrate Sophie Marceau!

In September, TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand features films from several genres celebrating the career of actress Sophie Marceau – from her most recent films to her first  breakout movies that launched her on the path to stardom!

Now playing in September!

La Boum (TV-PG)

Directed by: Claude Pinoteau

Genre: comedy, 1980 - French, English subtitles
Vic, 13, is new to school and bonds with Penelope over boys, but their romantic dreams are ruined when they’re forbidden from going to a house party.

La Boum 2 (TV-PG)

Directed by: Claude Pinoteau

Genre: comedy, 1982 - French, English subtitles
Vic, now 15 and about to enter high school, meets Philippe and quickly falls for his charm, until her old boyfriend, Mathieu arrives and causes trouble.

La fille de D'Artagnan (TV-PG)

Directed by: Bertrand Tavernier

Genre: comedy, 1994 - French
Eloise, who has been living in a quiet convent in the south of France, uncovers a plot to kill the king and must recruit her famous father to help her save the day.


Directed by: Lisa Azuelos

Genre: comedy, 2009 - French, English subtitles
Lola, nicknamed "LOL”, navigates teenaged troubles, including a cheating boyfriend. To make things worse, her mother, Anne, can’t accept Lola growing up.

La fidélité (TV-PG)

Directed by: Andrzej Zulawski

Genre: drama, 2000 - French. 
Clélia gets a job as a tabloid photographer in Paris and she soon falls for a children’s book publisher, but she must also fight off a suave colleague who is pursuing her. 

Une rencontre (TV-PG)

Directed by: Lisa Azuelos

Genre: comedy, 2014 - French, English subtitles
Pierre is a happily married family man, but when he meets Elsa there is immediate infatuation and the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur.

L'âge de raison (TV-PG)

Directed by: Yann Samuell

Genre: romance, 2010 - French
A career driven executive receives letters from her 7-year-old self and begins to recall memories and dreams she had forgotten, causing her to question her choices in life.

Arrêtez-moi (TV-PG)

Directed by: Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

Genre: thriller, 2013 - French, English subtitles
An on-duty police officer is hesitant to arrest a woman who shows up one night to confesses to the murder of her abusive husband from several years ago.

J'ai peur d'oublier (TV-PG)

Directed by: Elisabeth Rappeneau

Genre: drama, 2011 - French
Fabienne is an entrepreneur with a loving family, but she when is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s she hastily leaves to protect her family from the upcoming ordeal.
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