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TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

Now playing: Family Films!

Grab your loved ones and celebrate the season with family themed programming! Stay warm this winter and settle in for some great films for your next movie night!

Now Playing in December!

L'opération Corned-Beef

Directed by Jean-Marie Poiré

Genre: Comedy, 1991 - French, subtitled in English. 
A covert unit is on an unsanctioned mission to gather evidence about illegal arms shipments with the unwitting help of an embassy employee.

L'Ex femme de ma vie

Directed by Josiane Balasko

Genre: Comedy, 2004 - French, subtitled in English. 
Tom, a successful novelist, is ready to marry his fiancée but things get complicated when his ex wife barges back into his life, penniless and pregnant. 

Mais qui a tué Paméla Rose ?

Directed by Eric Lartigau

Genre: Comedy, 2003 - French, subtitled in English. 
Two FBI agents, Bullit and Riper, are as different as night and day. Now these two must team up to solve the murder of a stripper, Pamela Rose.

La cité rose

Directed by Asphalt Playground

Genre: Comedy, 2011 - French, subtitled in English. 
Aimé, 12, has a rough life in the Parisian projects, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world, until his cousin’s bad drug deal turns his life upside down. 

Le jour des corneilles

Directed by Jean-Christophe Dessaint

Genre: Animated film, 2010 - French, subtitled in English. 
A young boy is raised by his father and forbidden from exploring outside of the forest they live in, until he accidentally stumbles into a human village. 

Sport de filles

Directed by Patricia Mazuy

Genre: Drama, 2011 - French, subtitled in English
Gracieuse is a talented rider at a stud farm, but when her farms sells the horse that she was promised, she quits to work as a groom at a competing farm.

Papa lumière

Directed by Ada Loueih

Genre: Drama, 2013 - French
A civil war breaks out in the Ivory Coast and Jacques is repatriated to France. His daughter, raised by her mother, goes with and the two must learn how to live together.

L'Hiver dernier

Directed by John Shank

Genre: Fiction, 2011 - French, subtitled in English
In the remote countryside of France, a proud farmer is determined to keep his heritage and way of life against modern pressures.
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