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TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

Now playing in September!

Subway (TV-PG)

Directed by Luc Besson

Genre: drama, 1985 - French, subtitled in English
Fred, a careless burglar, takes refuge in the Paris metro after being chased by the henchmen of a businessman from whom he has stolen documents.

L'Etudiante (TV-PG)

Directed by Claude Pinoteau

Genre: comedy, 1988 - French, subtitled in English
Three months before her final exams, the ambitious student Valentine tries to concentrate on her studies but faces the ultimate distraction.

Tous Les Soleils (TV-PG)

Directed by Philippe Claudel

Genre: comedy, 2011 - French, subtitled in English
Alessandro is an Italian teacher of Baroque music who lives in Strasbourg with Irina, his 35 year old daughter, who is going though a teenage crisis.

Le Dîner De Cons (TV-PG)

Directed by Francis Veber

Genre: comedy, 1998 - French, subtitled in English
For Pierre Brochant and his friends, Wednesday is "Idiots' Day." The idea is simple: each person has to invite an idiot to dinner.

Un Grand Cri D'Amour (TV-PG)

Directed by Josiane Balasko

Genre: comedy, 1998 - French, subtitled in English
Fifteen years ago they were a famous couple, darlings of the stage and silver screen, but time has passed and now Hugo and Gigi have separated.

Les Invités de Mon Père (TV-PG)

Directed by Anne Le Ny

Genre: comedy, 2010 - French, subtitled in English 
Lucien Paumelle has always had strong convictions. A retired doctor, he remains an active man, renowned for his commitment to many humanitarian causes.

La Beuze (TV-PG)

Directed by François Desagnat, Thomas Sorriaux

Genre: comedy, 2003 - French, subtitled in English
Alphonse Brown and Scotch have been friends since childhood. They make a living off petty crime in Le Havre – until the day that James gets caught.

A Lady in Paris (TV-PG)

Directed by Ilmar Raag

Genre: drama, 2012 - French, subtitled in English
Anne leaves Estonia to come to Paris as a caretaker for Frida, an elderly Estonian lady who emigrated to France long ago.

Le Démon de Midi (TV-PG)

Directed by Marie-Pascale Osterrieth

Genre: comedy, 2005 - French, subtitled in English
Anne and her son have been abandoned by her husband. While she searches for a new reality, she finds comfort in regaining her ability to laugh.

Une nuit (TV-PG)

Directed by Philippe Lefèbvre

Genre: thriller, 2011 - French, subtitled in English 
Paris. Simon Weiss, captain of the Vice Squad, sets out on his round of night clubs just as he does every night. That's his job.
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