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TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

This month: Valentine's Day

This month, enjoy a special selection of films celebrating Valentine's Day!

Now playing in February!

Romaine par moins 30 (TV-G)

Directed by Agnès Obadia with Sandrine Kiberlain, Pascal Elbé, Elina Löwensohn

Genre: comédie, 2009 - French, subtitled in English
Romaine is thirty years old. Justin, her fiancé, decides to take her
to Quebec's far northern territories at Christmas so as to start a new life.
But, over the Atlantic Ocean, upon learning that the plane is going to crash, Romaine decides that she doesn't want to die without telling Justin the truth.

Désaccord parfait (TV-PG)

Directed by Antoine de Caunes with Jean Rochefort, Charlotte Rampling, Isabelle Nanty

Genre: comedy, 2006 - French, subtitled in English
Louis Ruinard, an extremely famous French filmmaker, and his favorite
actress Alice d’Alanville, formed one of the most flamboyant
couples of the seventies. The five films they made together met with
huge success at the time, and lead to an Oscar or two.

Vénus & Fleur (TV-PG)

Directed by Emmanuel Mouret with Veroushka Knoge, Isabelle Pirès, Julien Imbert

Genre: comedy, 2004 - French, subtitled in English
Fleur, a young, shy Parisian, meets Vénus, a young extraverted
Russian who's lost in Marseille. They have nothing in common,
except for their desire to meet the perfect guy.
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