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TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

Celebrate My French Film Festival!

This month, TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand is proud to offer a selection of films from the 2017 My French Film Festival! This global, online film festival presents new French actors, directors and films from the past year. Tune in to TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand to enjoy this year's festival!

Now playing in January!

Ce sentiment de l'été

Directed by Mikhaël Hers

Genre: drama, 2014 - French, English subtitles. 
After Sasha dies suddenly at 30, her sister, Zoé, and her partner, Lawrence, despite not being close, help each other cope with their grief.  

Les ogres

Directed by Léa Fehner

Genre: Comedy, drama 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
A close-knit traveling theater company must deal with the impending arrival of a baby and the return of a former love that reopens long-forgotten wounds.

Le nouveau

Directed by Rudi Rosenberg

Genre: Comedy, 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
Benoît, having trouble fitting in at his new middle school, throws a party to fit in with the popular crowd, but only the "losers” show up. 

Je suis à vous tout de suite

Directed by Baya Kasmi

Genre: Comedy, 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
Hanna is 30 years old and she suffers from kindness. She hates to cause any disappointment, creating problems both professionally and personally.

Les démons

Directed by Philippe Lesage

Genre: Drama, psychological drama, 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
Félix, 10, is prone to worrying, but when a string of child abductions start near his quite Montréal suburb his imaginary fears mix with reality.

Je ne suis pas un salaud

Directed by Emmanuel Finkiel

Genre: Drama, 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
Eddie, suffering from depression, is violently mugged and he wrongfully accuses Ahmed of the crime, an ideal suspect he had spotted a few days earlier.

Peur de rien

Directed by Danielle Arbid

Genre: Drama, 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
Lina is from Lebanon and moves to Paris to study at a French university, but it is not as easy as she expected to find the freedom she had hoped for. 


Directed by Antoine Cuypers

Genre: Drama, 2015 - French, English subtitles. 
Convinced his sister has always been the favorite, Cédric’s resentment turns to rage when everyone begins to dote on her after a pregnancy announcement.

L'homme aux yeux d'argent (TV-PG)

Directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre

Genre: crime/thriller, 1985 - French, English subtitles
After serving 12 years in prison for a bank robbery in which his accomplice died, Thierry goes to retrieve his loot, but someone is already waiting.

Le bon plaisir (TV-PG)

Directed by Vincent Mariette with Ludivine Sagnier, Laurent Lafitte, Vincent Macaigne

Genre: drama, 1983 - French, subtitled in English 
In Paris, a political crisis ignites after a woman’s bag is stolen containing a compromising letter about the President of France. 
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