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TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand - Playing this month

Now playing: Belgian cinema en français!

In September, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand celebrates French language Belgian films!

Now playing in September!


Genre: comedy, 2004 - French
Dimitri, 25, sells move-in ready homes in the industrial city of Liège and he is completely bored with his life, until he meets Cathy.

La régate

Genre: fiction, 2009 - French, English subtitles
For Alex, 15, rowing is an escape from his abusive home life, but he soon becomes obsessed with winning the Belgian Singles Championships.

38 témoins

Genre: drama, 2010 - French, English subtitles
A murder investigation stalls when all but one of the 38 witnesses claim they were asleep at the time of the crime.

Les âmes de papier

Genre: romantic comedy, 2013 - French, English subtitles
Paul, a lonely funeral-speech writer, gets a new lease on life when a widow requests a piece for her 8-year-old son who never knew his father.

25 degrés en hiver

Genre: drama, 2004 - French
A single father tries to help a Ukrainian immigrant who entered Belgium illegally after her husband disappeared.

Ça rend heureux

Genre: comedy, 2006 - French
An unemployed filmmaker starts a new project that is inspired by his current situation, but his blending of fact and fiction creates tension with those closest to him. 

Élève libre

Genre: drama, 2008 - French, English subtitles
When Jonas, an aspiring tennis player, fails his school exams again, a family friend offers to tutor him, but his instruction soon takes a dark turn.

Les chevaliers blancs

Genre: drama, 2016 - French, English subtitles
Based on a true story, Jacques, the head of an NGO, will use any method, including morally ambiguous ones, to extract children from war-torn Africa.

Sans rancune!

Genre: drama, 2009 - French, English subtitles
At a boarding school in Belgium, Laurent starts to believe that his French teacher is actually his father who went missing during World War II. 

Pas son genre

Genre: Romantic comedy, 2014 - French, English subtitles
Clément, a philosophy teacher from Paris, and Jennifer, a hair stylist from Arras, must learn to overcome their cultural and social differences.
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